Welcome to Your Tortoise Era: The Art of Slowing Down

In this 2 hour workshop, you'll learn:

🐢Why are we in such a hurry?
🐢The value systems/programs that keep us distracted, disconnected, and struggling
🐢Energy out of balance
🐢How to realign yourself with the cycles and seasons of Earth
🐢What ancient turtle medicine has to teach us
🐢The role of plant medicine in your reorientation to a new worldview
🐢Why psychedelic integration and healing work best when you incorporate rest
🐢Identifying the most stressful spots in your life
🐢The gentle path back to rest and resonance with your most well self

We close the journey with a Guided Restoration and Pleasure Activation you can learn to create new neural pathways that point your internal compass toward ease and joy.

Start slowing down RIGHT NOW so you can create space to receive the integration you want and need in your medicine practice.

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Welcome to Your Tortoise Era: The Art of Slowing Down

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