Solstice Sessions

From December 21st to February 15th (8 weeks), I'm hosting a virtual winter wonderland of coziness and connection that will make you a wizard in weathering the season so you don't get lost, stuck, depressed, isolated, and SAD. 

And you're invited. Let's build a blanket fort and hide out!

How To Build A Blanket Fort – Playtime by Eimmie

Imagine nurturing yourself through the coldest months (instead of disconnecting and binge watching whatever obscure show you haven't seen while praying for the time to change back)... and having a simple, easy path to follow so you can reorient yourself inward and use this magical time to dream and imagine.

This group is here for you to explore your way of being and make small shifts so you feel really good. Let's prioritize pleasure and thriving instead of just holding on hoping things feel less bad, yeah? 

Don't let the frantic energy of the new year overtake your need for slow, deliberate YOU time. Winter is here to welcome you, and it doesn't have to be a period of getting lost. Get found instead.

What will unfurl from your heart in the Spring if you make this time intentional and magical instead of soggy, cold, and lonely?

Don't buy into making unattainable, unrealistic resolutions in January that fizzle out by March. Realign with the rhythm of the Earth and make this an entire season of walking back toward your inner light, as we make our way back to the warmth of the sun. 

Solstice Sessions will guide you on a sweet journey within, teaching you effective strategies that turn on your intuition, connect you to your unconscious mind, and invite you to stay engaged and invested so that you waltz into spring with purpose and passion – (AND it's LOW EFFORT, EASY, and FUN (because it's winter, y'all. A hibernating bear could do this program.)

So get your hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers and hang up those twinkle lights. It's time to lean into the season of snow and twilight and soup and listen to your heart. Because you actually have time now.


8 Week Program (December 21st - February 15th) filled with spaciousness and ease, where you get to take the time you need to fully integrate and digest each morsel

Microdosing support – Here if you're ready to enhance the depth and focus of your winter trek inward by working with plant medicine

→ 1 x 60 minute group coaching session per week – Gather with your spirit family to be seen and witnessed, to be held and to hold space, and get coaching on WHATEVER you need support with... everything is welcome! 

We will meet Thursday nights at 7PM EST on Zoom beginning with a cacao and yoga nidra ceremony to welcome the Winter Solstice

→ Weekly email lessons – receive a new email each week with a gentle, easily digestible learning for you to ponder and practice in your daily life

→ Private Facebook Community with UNLIMITED COACHING – so that you have a 24/7 place to ask for support, share resources, get your questions answered, and connect with your fellow soul travelers between our coaching calls

How To Build A Snowman In 6 Easy Steps - FUNBOY

Dream yourself into being...


  • BE INTENTIONAL – learn how to live each day with intention, revive your belief in magic, trust yourself, and honor your curiosity 
  • BE IN COLLABORATION – join forces with Spirit, your body, your nervous system, your community, and yourself –  everything is here to help you 
  • BE IN RESONANCE – reconnect to your own seasonal rhythms, your cycles, and being in harmony with Nature so you can easily live in a high vibration
  • BE WELL RESTED AND RESOURCED – ditch the hustle, learn to slow down, and prioritize your soul desire for rest and restoration
  • BE NOURISHED AND FEEL CONTENT – remember the language of your body, and know exactly what you need to feel most safe, warm, and comfortable at home in yourself
  • BE IN DEVOTION –  become a living sanctuary for your spiritual practice – invite yourself home into the secret rooms of  your inner temple

Ok, I know what you're thinking... "SINCLAIR, It's WINTER. I am TIRED. I don't want to JOIN THINGS or DO WORK.


Ok, I get it. I know winter is like blah the holidays and everyone is just hanging on for dear life. But the thing is, this season isn't meant to be dreaded and discarded because all the other ones are just more fun. We HAVE to have dream time. Time to look within and hermit out and take stock and RELEASE all the unnecessary and unwanted stuff that is blocking the way. 

Winter is the historical time where we did the work needed to have a good harvest for the next year. Our fields were fallow, but we were planning, taking stock of the previous year, and digging into our sweet stash of salty, preserved food so we can make it through the winter. It's an amazing practice to use what you have. To get squirrely and look at your little pile of nuts and see how you can make good use of your gifts. What's good for you? What's in the way? What do you want out of the next year? How are you going to get there?

I'm a Capricorn, born on the cusp of Aquarius. Winter is my season of origin. It's a time of great introspection and expansion, because it's the time of grandiose imagination. The white snow creates a blank canvas where anything is possible, and your creativity and motivation can flourish. 

ALSO... you're gonna make some new lifelong friends, have a great time, and enjoy the season of winter without going stir crazy!

Come do winter with me! Let's hang out in a our cozy caves and dream the new year into being. 

Got questions? Email me at See you there!

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